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Online Couponing - A Great New Hobby with Profit Potential!
Those who love coupon clipping can find a lot of online coupons to feed their coupon hobby. Can couponing really be classified as a hobby? For some people, it can. If you’re not a coupon clipping person yet, you should dabble in it and see how much fun it is as well as how much money you can save. Strategically spending your printed, local, and online coupons can be very worthwhile. Counting up your savings can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re creative with your coupons. Click here to join Grocery Coupons for free.

How do you get creative with coupons?
Double up, triple up, etc.! On certain days and in certain stores you can use more than one coupon to get to near $0 to buy a product. In some cases you can even get to $0 (or end up with a rebate and free products!) if you have a coupon that doesn’t have a specified product size and you buy a trial size, for instance. Waiting for sales to hit and then using your coupons on those days can also prove very profitable for you.  Some stores have senior citizen discounts on Tuesdays, so if you shop on that day and are a senior (or bring your Mom or Mother-in-law with you can add your senior’s discount on top of couponing. On some occasions, you can get a double or triple coupon day that falls on a senior’s discount day!

Organizing Your Coupons
The best way to ensure that you use your coupons is to organize them. You can buy folders or binders specifically to hold your coupons. Or, separate them buy envelope and categorize them. You can have an envelope for several categories such as:

   - Health and beauty coupons
   - Food coupons
   - Restaurant Certificates
   - Household products

Once you’ve organized your categories, it’s best to sort the coupons by expiration date so that you can get use out of them before they expire.

Using Your Coupons Effectively
Not all coupons are created equally. Just because you can save money doesn’t mean you need the product. It’s a good idea to plan your weekly grocery shopping around flyers and specials in your local stores as well as utilize coupons as well.  Those proficient in couponing will often plan their weekly shopping around the flyers, the sales, and the coupon expiration dates.  Using your discounts effectively will help you maximize your savings potential so you can put as much of your money as possible back into your own pocket. Just spending your coupons because you have them won’t help you very much but using them wisely can be very effective in saving money for other things. Printing online coupons, joining freebie websites, exchanging coupons with friends, organizing yours so you’ll actually get to use them, and getting familiar with typical clearance dates and discount days will help you as well.  Couponing can save you ten or twenty dollars or more each trip to the store!  So what are you waiting for? Join Grocery Coupons now, and start saving money on your family's groceries today!



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